Drawing classes - All levels
Central London

Charcoal drawing technique

Monika is an experienced art teacher based in central London, specializing in charcoal drawing techniques. Classes are suitable for all levels. Whether guiding beginners or refining the skills of more advanced artists, Monika provides the opportunity, in a friendly atmosphere, to explore and master the art of drawing with charcoal. 

Everyone can draw...

Drawing is a universal skill waiting to be unlocked. The art of drawing is within the reach for everyone, requiring only the ability to observe and the motivation to create. 

Animals drawings

This video presents a collection of diverse animal drawings in charcoal, showcasing a range of artistic interpretations and techniques.

Advanced drawing class

This video highlightd students' autonomy as they select their chosen subjects using charcoal, showcasing their individual creativity and skills. 

My students' progress

This video features a diverse array of charcoal drawings by my students.

Gallery of my student' drawings

Incredible drawings produced by my students; the majority started as complete beginners, having never held a charcoal before, showcasing remarkable progress and talent in their artistic journey. The result shows the transformative power of learning in the realm of charcoal art. 


Precision in drawing, down to the level of millimeters, is indispensable when rendering details, particularly  when capturing the nuances and the complexity of an eye.


Drawing upside down offers a distinct perspective, prompting beginners as well as advanced artist to emphasize shapes and lines without preconceived ideas. It helps to detach from traditional visual associations. 


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