Collectors' Gallery

75.5 on the wall of an art collector in London. 

The painting 75.5 is narrating the story of a memorable lenghty race through the Sahara desert


Nesting in a stunning residence in Africa, adding a touch of beauty and intrigue to its new home. The painting is the representation of a self-gestation, symbolizing the emergence of a new transformed identity. 



The captivating artworks, Icebreaker, Oasis and Saline au mois d'Aout adorn the walls of a beautiful home in Saint Barthelemy, infusing the space with a distinctive ambiance and artistic elegance. 



Elektra hangs proudly on the wall of an art collector in North Africa, enhancing the allure of the new owner's collection


Oxygen Hanged in a beautiful collector's home 


Ellis hangs proudly in a beautiful apartment in Paris. 

Golden Geysir inspired by geysers in Iceland

A-Maze love version 2 - representing the road to love, like a complex maze of twists and turns.   

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